Large Antique Art Deco 1930s Spritzdekor ceramic cake tray


Ceramic countryside plate:

  • Dishwasher proof
  • Plate diameter – 30 cm
  • Condition – great / natural signs of age may appear / see photos.

Liko 1

Large Antique Art Deco 1930s Spritzdekor ceramic cake tray with metal handles.

The airbrushing technology was a relatively simple one that been used by the ceramics industry since around 1900 but did not gain wide appeal until after the tumultuous mid 1920s. Spritzdekor allowed glazes to be applied quickly and cost effectively in up to five colors. Inspired by international, cosmopolitan, non-objective painting and sculpture, and Soviet avant-garde aesthetics such as Constructivism, the mass produced, reasonably priced decoration was successful. By late 1929, within two cycles of the great trade fairs, especially the trend setting Leipziger Messe, some 90 German ceramics companies had embraced the new smooth surface Sprtizdekor aesthetic and its machine based technology – first in Germany and Czechoslovakia, followed quickly by ceramic producers in Austria, Holland, Hungary, Portugal and other European countries.

  • Dishwasher proof
  • Tray diameter – 33 cm
  • Heavyweight
  • Vintage era – 1930s
  • Made in Germany
  • Material – glazed ceramic
  • Condition – good / natural signs of age / use appear / Some crazing on the glaze / scratches on the surface / see photos.
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