ORREFORS vintage 60s crystal glass Flower shaped candle holder ‘Stella’ by designer Sven Palmkqvist


Ceramic Olive Oil bottle:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Height – 18 cm
  • Bottom Diameter – 10 cm
  • Capacity – 800 ml
  • Condition – great / signs of age may appear.

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ORREFORS vintage 60s crystal glass Flower shaped candle holder ‘Stella’ by designer Sven Palmkqvist. The candle holder is designed for a small 1 cm diameter candle.

Orrefors glassworks is a glassworks in the Swedish village Orrefors in Småland. Orrefors manufactured crystal glassware and art glass. The range consisted of crystal stemware, barware, vases, and sculptures and lighting products in crystal. The glassworks in Orrefors closed in 2012. Orrefors was a part of the Swedish glassworks group Orrefors Kosta Boda AB.

Sven Palmkqvist is a Swedish glass designer. He enrolled in the Orrefors engraving school in 1928 and later attended the Technical School in Stockholm and the Royal Academy of Arts and spent a few years studying in Paris. He returned to Orrefors in time to join the firm’s contribution to the 1937 International Exposition in 1937. He pioneered several new art glass techniques at Orrefors and is well known for his Fuga bowls manufactured in different sizes and colours. His most important contribution to coloured art glass is his Ravenna series which was inspired by early Byzantine mosaics. He retired in 1971.

  • Vintage era – 60s
  • Material – Crystal Glass
  • Manufacturer – ORREFORS
  • Design name – ‘STELLA’
  • Designer – Sven Palmkqvist
  • Made in Sweden
  • Height – 5 cm
  • Diameter – 6,5 cm
  • Candle space diameter – 1,5 cm
  • Condition – great / signs of age may appear / see images
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